Tourmaline Quartz and moldavite chip in wire cages on stainless steel necklace

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Moldavite chip is hand wrapped in a wire cage and was purchased by a certified and verified moldavite retailer.

“This stone is rare, found only in Czechoslovakia, near the Moldau River. Its formation coincides with the crash of a large meteorite about 15 mil years ago.

Moldavite is good for counteracting cynicism and connects even the most world-weary adult with the wonders of the universe. It eases away doubts and calms worries about money by providing solutions not previously considered.

Moldavite is believed to heighten a sense of self-awareness and help people who are seeking to uncover emotions or feelings that keep them stuck in unhappy situations in the present.

It has a powerful energy to aid spiritual awakening, transformation and spiritual healing. It has a strong energy to assist you to connect with the Divine mind, which is wonderful to move you forward spiritually, to a higher level.”

Moldavite is the stone of transformation. Keeping the wearer centered in unconditional love. Moldavite empowers by opening up higher consciousness, visionary ablities and aids the release of old baggage and lower vibrations, thus raising one’s resonance.

Tourmalinated quartz is believed to protect the wearer from negative thoughts and emotions. It is said to be filled with energy that flashes through it and connects one with other fields of energy. Tourmalinated quartz is thought to provide a balancing of yin/yang energies and release negative patterns.