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Sweeping Salts 4 oz

Sweeping Salts 4 oz

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Sweeping salts are used to banish negative energies or vibrations and bring in positivity. Can be used for Protection, Prosperity, Blessings, and Cleansing. The ingredients for each salt can be found on the picture slideshow. Just select which type you would like from the menu.


How to Use: There is no right or wrong way to use these salts. They can be sprinkled around your house, doorways, and other areas and left to ward away negativity. They can be sprinkled on carpets and floors and vacuumed. Or they can be sprinkled and swept and tossed into the trash.  Most often when used, sweeping salts are sprinkled throughout an area and then swept away outside, to fully banish the negatives from your home. 



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