Protection door hanger witches bells with key and pentagram follows the rule of three

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Many spiritual traditions utilize Bells in their daily practice. We find ritual bells in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto and of course Witchcraft. It’s actually one of the most common ritual ornaments used for many purposes throughout centuries.
As all Tools of the Craft are associated with Elements, so does the Bells. Thus, they correspond to the Element of Air, as they signal a message.
Witches love to hang little bells from their doorknobs to scare away unwanted spirits. Usually they enchant them with spells. You can hang three little bells from your doorknob and chant three times the following spell.

These witch bells feature 3 bells for the rule of three, a key for protection, and a pentagram attached to the key.

Everything is tied using jute twine around a bronze circle.

Hang them from your doorknob or in a doorway.

Witch bells will come with a card telling you how to activate them as well

As per etsy policy these are for entertainment only.