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Mojo Bean in organzas bag with how to card

Mojo Bean in organzas bag with how to card

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MOJO BEANS, also called African Wishing Beans are believed to have the power to make wishes come true.

Commonly used by carrying it for 7 days in your pocket, purse or wallet, using it as a focus tool for manifesting the wish you want.

You must make an odd number of wishes – either 1, 3, 5, or 7 – and for each wish, place one wishing bean in your pocket and carry with you for 7 days.

On the 7th day, take the beans and throw them in the crossroads or into running water such as a lake, river, stream, pond or the ocean, and call out your wishes. Walk away and don’t look back. Within 7 days, your wishes should come true.

In New Orleans, following an old Sicilian custom, they are placed on home altars on St. Joseph’s Feast Day, March 19th, then distributed for luck.

Other magical uses:

Carry Mojo Beans in a mojo bag for good luck.
Leave them on an altar dedicated to St. Joseph and give them away for good luck.
Carry a bean in your purse or wallet to attract abundance, prosperity, money and wealth.
A wishing bean carried to a job interview is believed to increase confidence, strength and courage and bring a desired result.
Keeping 3 wishing beans in the kitchen is said to ensure that your pantry will never be bare.
In love magic, it is believed that if you place 7 wishing beans in a circle on the ground, and have the partner of your choice walk over it, they will fall head over heels in love with you.

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